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Recruit Season – Cards, Missions, and Rewards

The Recruit Season offers five cards and various rewards for new players before they jump in the main Season Pass. Find out the details in this guide.

Marvel Snap’s Recruit Season is a free, introductory Season Pass reward track that all players will go through after the tutorial. Once you complete this with the help of Recruit Missions, you will then be able to access the Monthly Season Pass. This guide will go through the Recruit Season Cards, Missions, and Rewards.

Recruit Season Cards

The Starter Cards and Recruit Season Cards are often bundled together with Pool 1 cards, as these are all cards that all players can easily access for free at the start of their Marvel Snap journey.

Interested in how to use these cards? They can be a strong foundation for your decks going forward – be sure to check out our guides on them below:

Recruit Season Missions

Chapter 1: Welcome to MARVEL SNAP!

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 1 Missions2000
0/2Play a Match1000
0/3Upgrade a Card1000
0/5Unlock a New Card1000
0/7Win Matches950
0/1Complete a Daily Mission950
0/12Reach Collection Level 12950
0/2Win with Spectrum starting in your Deck900

Chapter 2: Step Into the Multiverse

0/7Chapter Challenge: Complete All 7 Chapter 2 Missions3000
0/1Upgrade a Card to Rare or better1000
0/1Create a New Deck900
0/1Play a Match with a New Deck850
0/2Complete Daily Missions1000
0/2Win with Odin starting in your Deck850
0/10Win Matches900
0/35Reach Collection Level 35950

Recruit Season Rewards

1Set of 8 Generic Avatars
2Ant-Man Base Card
3200 Credits
4Ant-Man Avatar
5100 Gold
6Colossus Base Card
7Colossus Avatar
820 Boosters
9Marvel Card Back
10Ironheart Base Card
11Ironheart Avatar
12Mystery Variant
13200 Credits
14Gamora Base Card
15Gamora Avatar
16100 Gold
17200 Credits
18Mystery Variant
19Blue Marvel Avatar
20Blue Marvel Base Card
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