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Nian Challenge Event

Nian Challenge Event Guide

Deal damage to the Nian Beast with firecrackers as a community to earn Gold, Credits, and a Lunar New Year Sword Master Avatar! You can even try to climb the leaderboard to show off an exclusive Title. Here is our complete guide to the latest Marvel Snap web event.

Marvel Snap’s Nian Challenge community-wide web event kicks off the Lunar New Year celebrations! All players contribute to deal damage to the Nian Beast with firecrackers over the next 2 weeks. Rewards are handed out according to the number of event participation to earn Gold, Credits, and a Lunar New Year Sword Master Avatar. This time, there is even a leaderboard for each of the four regions for the top 10 players to show off an exclusive Title Not a Puny Mortal!

You can access the event by pressing the News icon on the top right hand corner and selecting the News tab (mobile only). Here is our complete guide to the event!

Nian Challenge Event
Image: Marvel Snap

Event Details

A fierce beast has descended upon the village, devouring anything in its path…

It is said that this is the Ancient Legend known as “Nian Beast,” a ferocious creature which is afraid of loud noises and the color red.

In order to protect the village, Shang-Chi and his partners will fight against Nian Beast together…

Event Rules

  1. Finish missions to win firecrackers. Firecrackers can be used to deal damage to Nian Beast
  2. Players can earn a maximum of 300 firecrackers each day. 
  3. Rewards will be unlocked when the combined damage from all players reduces Nian’s health to the following breakpoints:
    80% Health: 200 Credits
    40% Health: 100 Gold
    0% Health: Sword Master Lunar New Year Avatar
  4. The leaderboard rank will be determined by total damage dealt. In the case of a tie, the player with higher in-game rank wins. Top 10 of each regional leaderboard will obtain: 
    A title: “Not a Puny Mortal!”
  5. This event will end 1/30 6:59:59 (UTC 0) or 1/29 22:59:59 PT.


Win cubes from matches (1 Cube = 1 Firecracker).

Including one of the following cards can double the amount (1 Cube = 2 Firecrackers). Click on the links below the cards to see decks that include these cards!

Remember, players need to come back to the event page to use the firecrackers on the beast!

Week 1

Week 2

Event Rewards

Nian Beast HealthReward
80% Health200 Credits
40% Health100 Gold
0% HealthSword Master Lunar New Year Avatar
Top 10 LeaderboardNot a Puny Mortal! Title
Pixel-style Ironheart

Lunar New Year Bundle

More things could be lined up for the Lunar New Year in 2023, including the upcoming Festival Fireworks Bundle that should go on sale starting from January 22.

We are yet to know how the Sword Master Lunar New Year variant will be distributed to go along with the avatar, whereas the Jubilee variant can be obtained by purchasing the bundle.

Dino Sized [card name=


Similar to the preceding Hype the Hero! event, this is another low-commitment event that players can expect to earn all the rewards, though this time the top 10 players from each region can also earn an exclusive Title that they can show off. Players are expected to just play games, win or lose, and encourages you to play with one of the four cards. All of them are accessible and are good cards in their respective decks!

Have fun, and let us know how you are going in our Discord or the comments below!

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  1. Such a shame, I play almost exclusively on the steam client, and since it doesn’t show anything in the news tab, I generally don’t bother with web events.

    I hope they add the news tab to the steam client soon, or go from web events to in-game events (which is apparently a thing they’re working on, if I am to believe the roadmap they released)

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