Hype the Hero! Event

Hype the Hero! Web Event Guide

Increase the Hero Hype Meter as a community to earn Gold, Credits, and a Hero Storm Avatar! Here is our complete guide to the latest Marvel Snap web event.
Hype the Hero! Event
Image: Marvel Snap

To celebrate Marvel Snap’s animated cinematic Hero, the community-wide Hype the Hero web event is now also live! All players contribute to the Hero Hype Meter over the next 4 weeks and rewards handed out according to the number of event participation to earn Gold, Credits, and a Hero Storm Avatar to go with the free Variant!

You can access the event by pressing the News icon on the top right hand corner and selecting the News tab (mobile only). Here is our complete guide to the event. For more information on Marvel Snap’s Hero celebration event, check out our dedicated guide:

Event Details

To celebrate the release of Hero, build the HYPE meter to unlock cool rewards for all players — to participate, join the web event in the news section!

Building the HYPE to 10M will unlock 100 Gold; 20M unlocks 150 Credits; 30M unlocks 200 Gold; and 40M unlocks a new Storm Avatar!

Event Rules

12/9 – 1/6 (UTC 0)

  1. 1Watching the HERO video and contributing Records can unlock HERO HYPE METER milestone rewards.
    Achieving 10m HYPE METER rewards 100 Golds;
    Achieving 20m HYPE METER rewards 150 Credits;
    Achieving 30m HYPE METER rewards 200 Golds;
    Achieving 40m HYPE METER rewards 1 Storm Avatar.
    All players will receive all rewards within 7 days after event ends.
  2. Play matches to get Records [1 Record = 1 Cube]. Including the following cards in your deck doubles the amount of Records obtained.
    week1: Gambit, Rogue
    week2: Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, Doctor Doom
    week3: Spider-Man, Sandman
    week4: Angela, Sera
  3. Players can earn a maximum of 100 Records each day. 
  4. It might take some time for data to refresh, please be patient.
  5. This event will end 1/6 6:59:59 UTC or 1/5 22:59:59 PT.

Event Rewards

Hero Hype MeterReward
10M100 Gold
20M150 Credits
30M200 Gold
40MHero Storm Avatar
Storm Hero Variant


Players can collectively increase the Hero Hype Meter by playing matches and winning Cubes, up to 100 Records per day (watch the video linked in the event first). Using certain cards in each of the four weeks will double the Records you earn, which corresponds to the Bundle available at the purchase at the time. Obviously, there is no individual contribution or competition so there is no obligation to do so – at the current rate, it looks like the goals will be met quite quickly!

You can still use decks involving the cards for fun regardless – check out the links below, or our deck database!

Week 1

Associated Hearts Wild Bundle information:

Week 2

Datamined Shielded Heart Bundle information can be found here.

Week 3

Datamined Line in the Sand Bundle information can be found here.

Week 4

Datamined Starlit Connection Bundle information can be found here.


This is another low-commitment web event that all players can earn regardless of how much they participate. The rewards look to be slightly better than previous ones but it does go on for a whole month – so don’t expect the rewards until next year when the event ends!

Have fun, and let us know how you are going in our Discord or the comments below!

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