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Breaking Down The Effects Of The First Series Drop

We've all been waiting for it, and Second Dinner finally delivered - 9 cards will be going doing one series at the end of January - five from Series 5, and four from Series 4. We've already written a lovely article that includes the cards going up and down and the developers comments on them, but I'm here to break down if this is good enough a fix and what I think of the cards chosen

Leech Ramp Deck Highlight and Gameplay!

HowlingMines wanted to play Galactus, but doesn't have the card - but his journey to find a similar deck he would enjoy may have lead him somewhere powerful! Is Leech secretly the best card that you're not playing?

Site Performances Issues – Resolved!

We thank everybody’s immense support for Marvel Snap Zone! We have been having severe performance issues with the site the past week, and we are fully aware of your ability to browse the site. Thank you for reporting them, and…