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Marvel Snap June 2022 Developer Update

Marvel Snap June 2022 Developer Update

Check out the latest video from the Marvel Snap team, highlighting June 2022 with a soft launch to the Philippines region for iOS and Android, and the first season Atlantis Beach Club:

In our first ever developer update, Ben Brode welcomes new players from the Philippines and discusses this month’s new season, Atlantis Beach Club, and introduces a brand new card: WAVE

Pearl Pangan, aka Wave, is a Super Hero who grew up in the Philippines and has the ability to control water. Your feedback about MARVEL SNAP means a lot to us! So make sure to join our official Discord channel and share your feedback with us directly or join the community on any of the channels below. We’re hard at work at adding more features and modes to the game AND improving what we’ve already released. All of your thoughts, feedback, and passion is appreciated!

MARVEL SNAP is now available in the Philippines:


If you are outside the Philippines and not part of our Android closed beta, remember to check our social accounts or official website for updates as we are planning to add more devices and regions soon.


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