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Marvel Snap Available for Pre-Registration in Australia and New Zealand on Android Google Play Store

The official Marvel Snap Twitter account has announced that Marvel Snap is now available for pre-registration on the Android Google Play Store for the Australia and New Zealand regions:

It has been a month since Marvel Snap has soft-launched in the Philippines region on June 8, 2022 with the June 2022 ranked season (Atlantis Beach Club).

Though this is not an additional region rollout, the announcement has coincided with the July 2022 Season Two of Marvel Snap, Love and Thunder. It features the new card Thor, new theme, Ranked Rewards, and other collectables for players.

For players that want to join the action right now, you can play Marvel Snap’s soft-launched closed beta with workarounds:

  • For players on iOS, you can change your Apple ID region to Philippines or make a new Apple ID in the Philippines (you’ll just need a Philippines address which you can get obtain through a random address generator) to download Marvel Snap.
  • For Android players, the Google Play Store has also been enabled for APK installers.
  • Be invited as a content creator.
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