Anti-Nova Control Infinite Rank Deck Guide

Anti-Nova Control Infinite Rank Deck Guide


Today’s Marvel Snap Deck Highlight features an Anti-Nova Control deck by Wolwiloreal, who used it to reach Infinite rank this season. Since then, he managed to win 120 more Cubes, demonstrating that this deck is the real deal, both to grind the ladder or to solidify a position at the leaderboard for the Atlantis Beach Boogie event!


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How to Play the Deck

The essence of the deck is to completely counter the very popular Nova + Carnage decks which are dominating the ladder. In this deck, Cosmo is a possible inclusion as another way to completely obliterate the possibility of the Nova combo.

To understand the way the deck should be played, it is key to grasp the current metagame we are in. I would advise checking all the decks featured in our first metagame snapshot and tier list article if you aren’t familiar with the current dominant decks.

Early on in the game, we are mainly looking to play Sunspot, Okoye and Armor, as they help us spend Energy while either derailing the opponent or helping us into a stronger late game.

Turn 3 is where we start actively trying to derail our opponent’s gameplan while locking up locations for ourselves. The idea is to scout where our opponent wants to commit, as Nova decks will usually leave a location empty to do its combo later on, and remove those possibilities from them.

The first card to do so is Storm, which followed by Jubilee, will frequently lock down one location for us. If we low roll the Jubilee pull, it will at least push the opponent into committing cards into it, unless they just forfeit it to us (making the pull a non-factor).

The second card we can use to lock down a location is Professor X, which can be replaced by Cosmo if you don’t have the card or want to increase your synergy around The Infinaut. Outside of Nova, Professor X can help with specific locations such as Knowhere or be super annoying to your opponent’s Move ability.

Through these lockdown synergies, we should guarantee ourselves at least one of these 2 locations by preventing the Nova combo to happen. The remaining one should be where the opponent invested already, making a destroy reveal counterproductive for them.

On the last location to secure us the win, we want to have either Sunspot or Devil Dinosaur to score us some points. We can then support them with The Infinaut or America Chavez on turn 6 to make sure we are on top.

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