Top 3 Best Decks in the Early Marvel Snap Closed Beta Metagame

Top 3 Best Decks in the Early Marvel Snap Closed Beta Metagame

Marvel Snap has only been in closed beta for a few days but already a metagame is beginning to develop! The cream is rising to the top, with a few standout decks being particularly strong early on here.

Second Dinner’s principal data scientist, Tian Ding, has shared on his Twitter three Marvel Snap decks that have both a high Cube gain rate and a high win percentage in the current meta, filtered by the top 15% of players. That means these decks are winning in games played between the best Snap players in the closed beta.

Let’s take a look at these three decks a bit more closely and analyze their strengths and synergies.

Midrange Tempo Deck

Marvel Snap midrange tempo deck: [card name=

The first deck that Tian shares looks like a straight-up tempo deck. It includes many of the most efficient cards in the game. The strategy here is simple: you look to play on-curve and tempo out high Power for the lowest costs possible across all three locations. Cards like Rocket Raccoon, Angela and Medusacan give you strong tempo early game with Mister Fantastic being a fantastic (heh) mid-game option to keep adding Power across the board. Kazar is another card that can give you a nice wide board presence, buffing many of your early game cards. And then Iron Man or America Chavez make for the perfect finisher, allowing you to lock down that one key location you need to secure the victory.

An important card for this deck, and many others, is Elektra She may only be a 1/1, but her ability can often translate to a much bigger impact than her stats may indicate. Landing the destroy on a high Power 1-cost card for your opponent such as Rocket Raccoon or Ant-Mancan make for a big 5 or more Power board swing in your favor. Do not sleep on Elektra she is one of the best cards in the game.

The good news is many of these cards are guaranteed pulls early on for players, so almost everyone could build the core of this deck and swap in similar cards for ones they are missing and still have the essence of the deck in tact. Any similar deck should be able to help you accumulate those all-important Cubes.

Aggro Destroy Deck

Marvel Snap aggro destroy deck: [card name=

The next deck is a very low curve, aggressive deck with some interesting destroy synergy included. Again, you are playing efficient cards early and, most importantly, looking to empty your hand by the end of the game. Doing so activates one of the strongest (heh) cards in your deck: Strong Guy Being able to play 9 Power for only 2 energy is insane and your low curve and cards like Bladecan help you quickly empty your hand.

The other cool thing this deck is trying to do is using Deathlokto destroy Novaand buffing your whole board. And with Angelin your deck, you don’t even sacrifice any board presence in the process! You can also just play Deathlokon an empty location for a solid 5 Power at only 3 Energy. Cards like Wolfsbaneand Ant-Mansynergize with your swarm strategy giving you high Power at the locations you’ve loaded up on. And, lastly, Scarlet Witchcan help you reroll unfavorable locations like Crimson Cosmosor The Space Throne

This deck is a bit more difficult to build, since you will need to be lucky with your pulls to get some of the synergistic combos like Deathlok/Nova/Angel or Blade/Strong Guy. But if you have those cards, this deck looks like a very strong and very fun deck to play.

Aggro Swarm Deck

Marvel Snap aggro swarm deck: [card name=

The last deck that Tian highlights for us is another aggressive deck with cheap cards that have high efficiency (are we sensing a theme here?). This one includes Squirrel Girlas a way to generate additional tokens and Mantisas a way to generate additional value. Ironheartand Captain Americaprovide good mid-game plays to continue to buff your cheap tokens. And then Blue Marvelis the ultimate finisher for your swarm deck, giving you +1 Power across the board.

One card to spotlight here is Sentinel. Yes, his stats may not look that exciting (he’s basically Shocker which is arguably the worst card in the starter deck!), but the flexibility he provides is unmatched. Often you will find yourself on turn 3 or 5 without your 3- or 5-cost cards in hand. But as long as you’ve drawn Sentinelby then, you will be able to weave in a Sentinelplus another 1-drop on 3 or a Sentinelplus a 3-drop on turn 5. And if you happen to roll a Cloning Vatsas one of your locations? Sentinels for days.

The key card for this deck, in my opinion, is Squirrel Girl. With those cute little squirrels, your token generation is going to outpace any other swarm decks that don’t run her. If you were lucky enough to pull her, be sure to give this deck a try.

The early meta for Marvel Snap seems to be skewed towards high-efficiency, low-cost cards. This isn’t a surprise in a still-developing metagame. I suspect once the game matures and more people have access to wider collections, we will see other archetypes develop and prosper, which rely on powerful synergies to be successful.

It’s still very early days yet and I can’t wait to see where the meta goes from here!

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