Sera Miracle Destroy Deck Guide

Sera Miracle Destroy Deck Guide

As Sera miracle stays one of if not the best decks in Marvel Snap, I wrote this guide in order to give any players who would like to try this deck out a guide for them to understand and master this deck that combines the best of two worlds: Miracle and destruction!

Infinity Rank 233 Zeno

This deck is originally from KanyeBest and I thank him for providing such a solid deck. All I did was play this deck enough to master it and give you, I hope, a complete guide on it. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me on our Discord – I am Zeno#3261.


Classic – DJ Premier
Created by KMBest
, updated 11 months ago
6x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
1x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
5x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)


This is a turn-by-turn guide which covers most of the general plays but obviously every game is different and need adaptation.

Turn 1

99% of the time, don’t play anything, even Nova. It might be counterintuitive, but in this deck, you really rely on the last turn and the surprise effect. This is also just a small detail but playing Bucky Barnes before Nova gives an additional power when you destroy them with Deathlok or Carnage.

Another point is don’t try to play Killmonger in this deck because it will destroy the Rocks from Debrii, ruining the Nova and Mojo synergy.

Turn 2

This is often a complicated turn: First, never play Carnage, Mojo or Mysterio. They often reveal what type of deck you are playing and offer a way for the opponent to counter you and it can also ruin some later synergies (for example Bishop and Mysterio, Mojo, Debrii).

Second, you can play Angela in pretty much all lanes, especially the ones where you want the most power (for example The Nexus or Baxter Building) but try to avoid the third undiscovered one and others like Danger Room, Cloning Vats, and so on. Remember that this is probably the location you’ll be playing Sera so not Isle of Silence, Miniaturized Lab or The Big House for example.

Another possible play is Scarlet Witch if necessary, like an insta-lose location for example TVA, Dream Dimension and others that would ruin your turn 6 combo. Ones that are really annoying are Hellfire Club, The Raft, The Vault for obvious reasons. If you can, try to save her for turn 6 if you see a location where you can win with just her cards like Bar With No Name or Luke's Bar.

Turn 3

In general Bishop > Debrii = Green Goblin > Deathlok, but as always this is dependent on the game. If you see The Space Throne, then of course it should be Green Goblin or on the contrary, if you see the opponent play Nova or Bucky Barnes – try to avoid Green Goblin and Debrii as it will just give them the advantage.

Bishop can be played in Angela‘s lane or another different one, but be sure that a lane stays accessible for the Destroy package (Bucky Barnes, Nova, Carnage, Deathlok). Some locations like Wakanda or Knowhere straight up blocks the combo.

You can try and be sneaky by playing Green Goblin in order to fill up one of their lanes or in an Angela lane. Furthermore, Green Goblin is great in locations that grant negative power, in Superflow or Bar Sinister, and many others. Deathlok is only playable if you already have Carnage in your hand in order to gain free stats as he will most likely be unplayable in the future (if you have Carnage).

Turn 4

You often need a little math here: Check the cards in your hand and knowing you’ll draw two more cards before turn 6, count the total energy it’ll cost (with Sera cost reduction) in order to play the maximum amount of cards on turn 6. Knowing you have a really low energy curve, just think that 6 is your limit and add 2 for every 3-Cost and 1 for every 2-Cost and ideally the sum would be 3 or 4 so that you can play both card you draw on turn 5 and 6.

Turn 5

There are 2 case scenarios:

  1. You have Sera and just play her in Angela‘s lane or if it’s already lost, on to another one.
  2. You don’t have Sera: Of course, this could be a Retreat scenario but think further, if you had a perfect curve (Angela on 2, Bishop on 3…) or you are in a winning position (up to you to judge that one) you can Snap to bluff or empty your hand as much as you can on both turn 5 and 6. Usually it’s very easy to know on turn 6 whether you’ll win or lose, so it’s always better to Snap on 5.

Turn 6

The best turn 6 you’ll play with any deck, as it offers a super wide range of plays.

It’s usually the turn where you’ll play the Destroy package on one lane adding over 10 power plus the Nova boost on the rest of card but be sure to play Carnage and Deathlok last.

In addition, surprise your opponent with combos like Mojo + Debrii or Bishop + Mysterio, and play Scarlet Witch on inaccessible locations (except Death's Domain where you’ll prioritize Bucky Barnes). In locations like Sanctum Sanctorum the ONLY way to add just one power is to Debrii + Nova but this is a really hard combo to pull off.

Of course, you should never play Sera on the last turn. Bishop if just drawn, can be played as it will easily gain power up to 6 or 7 as you play a high number of low-cost cards.

Tips and Tricks

  • Mysterio activates Bishop 3 times if there is enough space as well as Angela even if it’s a copy, copies (as well as Debrii‘s Rocks) can also be used as food for Carnage or targets for Nova boosts. But be careful if he gets debuffed in hand (by Scorpion for example) his copies will be -1 power (same applies for buffs in hand).
  • If the destruction package doesn’t grant enough power by itself, you can play Mysterio after Carnage.
  • One of the advantages of the deck is its ability to create a huge amount of power on turn 6 like no other decks so if you have all combo cards in hand by turn 3-4-5 make sure to snap, you could always retreat on the last turn (in my experience, most people retreat when they see sera played on five.
  • Another advantage would be how hard it is to read you and also obvious retreat situation, for example when you don’t have sera on five and the opponent snaps or if your sera get discarded, just retreat if you don’t have a godly hand.


Here’s the video showcasing the full potential of the deck:

I hope this guide will be helpful and make you win lots of cubes!

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