Marvel Snap Hits 5.3 Million Downloads and $2 Million Revenue In One Week!

Marvel Snap is dominating the mobile app stores during the first week following launch, generating over five million downloads, and ranking #1 in the US!

In yet more exciting news pouring forth into the Multiverse, Marvel Snap has hit 5.3 million downloads inside the first week of global availability, earning over $2 million for its publisher Nuverse and game developer Second Dinner, according to tool Appmagic Data.

At this point, it’s safe to say that Marvel Snap is both a social and commercial success, currently ranking as the number one iPhone game in the US and Canada, while also holding impressive positions elsewhere, including the UK, Korea, France, Germany and Italy. Marvel Snap is performing even better on the casually-driven Google Play store, ranking first in Canada, France, Germany and the UK, with strong showings across the rest of the globe according to Sensor Towers charts.

It’s one hell of a debut, with the exciting news brought to our attention by the team at, showcasing how the Marvel Snap Social Media team reaching out on their social platforms to thank players and creators alike for helping the game climb up to number one!

For those not so in-the-know about what is to be expected from a global release for a mobile game, Marvel Snap is definitely up there with the juggernauts. According to Appmagic Data again, Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal earned roughly $11.5 million from 6.1m downloads, Tencent’s genre-defining Tower of Fantasy scoring $8.7 million from 2.1m downloads, and fan favourite EA’s Apex Legends Mobile pulling in $3.6 million from the 10m downloads they had within their first week of release.

Interestingly, Marvel Snap is absolutely dominating in the US in terms of market split, with America being oceans ahead of the rest of the world in terms of downloads – a whopping 1.3m! – Brazil comes in second with 433k, and the top five is rounded out by Italy, Indonesia and Thailand. The revenue share is arguably even more shocking, with the US accounting for $1.2m of it, with the next closest country being the Philippines, spending just $186k in comparison.

We’re also getting some intriguing data about how Snap players are choosing to play, with the Google Play store charging ahead, responsible for 3.8m downloads in comparison to iOS’s 1.5m. However, the opposite is true in terms of revenue, with nearly double the revenue generated from the App store than through Android devices.

We’re so very excited to see Marvel Snap crushing expectations worldwide, and once again would like to extend our congratulations to Second Dinner and Nuverse on such a successful launch – we can’t wait to bring everyone more exciting news, data and decks for all things Snap!

What do you think? Is Marvel Snap outperforming your expectations? What element of launch week have you enjoyed the most? Let us know in the comment section below, or reach out to us in our dedicated community discord to join the conversation today!

Keep those phones charged up, and we’ll see you in the multiverse!


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