Join Us for a Bite

Join Us for a Bite Halloween Event: Join us to decorate the Halloween party!

Join Us for a Bite

Marvel Snap’s latest event is Join Us for a Bite, to continue on with the Symbiote Invasion October 2022 season theme and Halloween! Similar to the preceding event, players collect Treats by completing event missions, and unlocking decorations to earn 100 Credits. You can access the event by pressing the News icon on the top right hand corner and selecting the News tab.

Event Rewards

  • 100 Credits

Event Rules

  1. Complete missions to earn Halloween treats!
  2. Treats can be used to unlock decorations which alter the web designs. 
  3. Unlock all decorations to earn 100 Credits and enjoy the party together!
  4. This event will end on 11/8 2:59:59 UTC 0, or 11/7 at 19:59:59 PT
  5. It might take a few minutes for mission data to refresh, please be patient.


Marvel Snap Halloween Event Decorations

Mission List

Complete two daily missions220
Play 10 matches with one of the following cards in the deck1050
Collect cube treats from matches (1 cube : 1 treat)200200

Mission Cards

Make sure to check out our deck database to see what the best decks are containing these cards!

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