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Exodia Gambit by robcote22

Exodia Gambit Combo Deck Guide


Today’s Marvel Snap Deck Highlight features a powerful combo revolving around excessive On Going and On Reveal effects (check out our abilities guide)! The deck may take a while for people to start building, but it is certainly something to aim for.


The deck guide was originally posted on reddit, co-authored by robcote22 and Krohnos, republished with their permission. Look forward to more cool decks and builds from them!


Exodia Gambit by robcote22
Created by Marvel Snap Zone
, updated 7 months ago
1x Collection Level 1-14
1x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
1x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
8x Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)
1x Recruit Season

Black Widow can be substituted for Okoye, or another tech card (see below for more information).

The Core Combo:





This deck revolves around Wong + Mystique. Then playing Gambit, Ironheart, or Hazmat to win the match. Often times, you will not play a card until turn 3 (unless it is Okoye, Black Widow, Psylocke, or Yondu).

You want to keep a lane free as long as possible, as you need at least 3 spots to be able to combo (preferably 4). I typically like to choose a spot that the opponent will probably contest/fill up the fastest, so that they are less likely to have counters available.

Playing Wong into a column that has Devil Dinosaur has been great for me due to the main counter (Enchantress) shutting down their own Dinosaur (thus, they are less likely to do so).

I like to hold Wong until I have either Onslaught or Mystique in hand, or until turn 5.

Optimal Turn Sequence

  1. Do nothing or play Yondu or Sunspot
  2. Play Psylocke
  3. If 4 Energy, play Wong into an empty lane
  4. Play Mystique on the same lane
  5. Play Magik into any other lane
  6. Onslaught
  7. Gambit, Hazmat, Ironheart to finish

Win Conditions

There are 3 different types of win conditions, due to possible cards and locations impacting the board.

  • If there is a Armor-like effect on the field, Hazmat and Ironheart are best to use.
  • Hazmat is better if they have more cards played than you. An empty lane on your side will win if Hazmat can bring their cards into the negatives.
    • For example, if you have Magik on a location, and they have 4 cards with 5 power, Hazmat triggering 8 times will bring your total power to -5 and theirs to a -12. 20-(4*8)=-12
  • Ironheart is better if you have a good amount of cards on board (due to location effects that produce random cards on board).
  • Gambit is best against big boards, and even if you can only get 4 triggers, you can still destroy at least a third of their board.

Synergies and Tips

  • Mystique only cares if the last card you played has an ongoing effect. You can play Wong on turn 3/4 and hold off on playing another card until turn 5, and Mystique will still copy it.
  • Mystique copying Onslaught‘s ability does not have an impact on the number of triggers Wong will give.
  • Gambit does not require a card to be in hand in order for his ability to destroy opposing cards.
  • An opposing Wolverine is amusing when comboing off with Onslaught, Wong, Mystique, and Gambit (about 5-10 minutes of their Wolverine being destroyed non-stop, making a dancing Wolverine 😄)

Possible card replacements

I have tried some of these variants, others, I have yet to do so.

As for the current build, I am still trying to figure out the best replacement for Okoye and Black Widow would be. I have tried both, and I feel that Black Widow offers more value due to it being another card for Hazmat to bring to the negatives as well as it denying a card draw. But, I also think there could be some cards I hadn’t considered that would fill this spot better.




Special thanks goes to u/Krohnos for providing suggestions and feedback!

Overall, this deck is surprisingly consistent. It does take some time getting familiar with all of the interactions and lines of play, but if you have the cards, I strongly recommend trying it out (just not against me 😂)!

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