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Can’t Stop Snapping! – A Marvel Snap Podcast – Episode 46: Season Pass Cards – Are They A Problem?

Today I am joined by Marvel Snap Zone Community Manager, HowlingMines, to discuss all things from the latest Marvel Snap season, Savage Land. We discuss Zabu, new locations, new variants, and new series 5 cards coming in the month of January.

Can’t Stop Snapping is a Marvel Snap Podcast, dedicated to exploring the cards, art, creators and metagame of Marvel Snap – the newest online CCG/TCG! Learn more about this multiverse-based card battler brought to you by Second Dinner!

Hey all, we are back from our holiday break with a brand new episode! We are back to weekly episodes going forward. Today I am joined by Marvel Snap Zone Community Manager, HowlingMines, to discuss all things from the latest Marvel Snap season, Savage Land. We discuss Zabu, new locations, new variants, and new series 5 cards coming in the month of January. Let us know your thoughts on our discussions on Twitter @cant_stop_snap, and on the Marvel Snap Zone Discord!

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HowlingMines is the Operations Manager of DotGG and many of their sister sites, such as MTGAZone and Marvel Snap Zone!

A TCG Specialist for over a decade, he now looks to share sweet decks, detailed articles, and help upcoming creators grow!

Articles: 104


  1. Season pass cards are definitely a major problem. If you don’t get the season pass card from the season pass your chance to pull it from a cache is currently 0.02% (1/5000 caches or in other words “impossible”), which will only get worse as more series 5 cards are added.

  2. I don’t think its a major problem, even as a F2P player… It’s not entirely broken so long as they only stick to one card that isn’t inherently busted and can be countered. It doesn’t feel great going up against someone who probably spent hundreds of dollars on the game to get cards you don’t have, but I have been playing, maybe an hour everyday (give or take) since official release. I only have 20 more cards in pool 3 to go and have 2 pool 4 cards. I feel as though I have plenty of deck building strategies available to me and more to come. I cannot say whether this will be the case for players joining the game months or even a year plus after launch.

    Thankfully you seem to get matched up with people in similar pool/collector range so there really isn’t necessarily a reason to sweat not having certain cards. If they keep adding cards nobody is going to have a complete collection anyway (only a temporary one if they spend money up until more cards are released). If you go into the game knowing that there is fun in collecting cards and keeping an open mind about strategies available to you, it won’t bother you what cards someone else has.

    Here is the problem I could foresee happening. They keep adding new pools, each rarer than the last; I hope they don’t do it this way. Having a max of 5 pools/series, and then periodically shuffling the cards down which also brings their drop chances up could be the better solution. Or even periodically and methodically adding cards to pools 3, 4 and 5 instead of every new card just being a new pool or the newest pool. Otherwise it will feel like if you don’t get the pass, you miss out on possibly getting that specific card for months or even years to come. Like I said though, its not game breaking so long as those cards are balanced and counterable. If anything it just sucks not being able to implement certain gameplay mechanics. Thankfully the cards so far haven’t been like… Mr Negative for example. They’ve mostly been cards that work well with existing decks but don’t necessarily create a new deck. Black Panther worked well with On Reveals and Arnim Zola, Silver Surfer worked well with Zoo decks.. same with Zabu. So I think as long as they don’t make available cards that you can base an entirely new deck concept around, it should be okay from a game health perspective.

  3. Question: Shadow King is an on reveal card that returns cards to their base value. Would that effect an ongoing card like patriot? A 1 power card buffed by patriot is still a base value 1. Patriot then increases it. Seems to me this is only going to work against reveal cards like forge, carnage, vulture, and not ongoing like patriot or Kazar. Thoughts?

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