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Atlantis Beach Club Season Recap

Atlantis Beach Club Season Recap: Interesting Stats and Leaderboard Winner Interview

Marvel Snap’s official first season in June 2022, the Atlantis Beach Club, concluded on July 4 with the start of season two, Love and Thunder.

The team at Second Dinner shared with the official Discord community some interesting statistics from the season, as well as an interview with the winner of the Atlantis Beach Boogie leaderboard, RainyDaze (who wins a shiny Event Champion Discord role and bragging rights)!

Atlantis Beach Club Season Recap

Atlantis Beach Club Season Recap
  • Wave helped players summon big waves 454,537 times
  • A single passionate player snapped 5,084 times!
  • Lv 2,730: Highest collection level achieved
  • Players snapped 3.1M times (But 24% lost, oops)
  • Nova‘s been destroyed 1.2M times
  • Nightcrawler was used 2.9M times: He’s our most popular card (flexiility is strength!)
  • 2.25% of players hit Infinity rank

Atlantis Beach Boogie

The Atlantis Beach Boogie event ran from June 22, 2022 to July 5, 2022 and measured the number of Cubes players collected after Gold rank (level 40).

Top 10 Players

Full leaderboard on the event page

Interview with the Winner – RainyDaze

The team asked RainyDaze some questions about top decks, which cards they’d like to see nerfed and buffed, and what modes they’d like added which you can see below!

1. Please share your deck recommendation, would be good to post different tiers (tier 0, tier 1, tier 2) of decks in your opinion

For deck recommendations, The deck I played with great success during the beach boogie event was a Nakia Zoo list featuring Iceman.(i was limited to pool 1 /2 cards) why iceman? Iceman is one of the premium one drops in pool 1/2. In marvel snap turn management is an important concept… when iceman is played he gives the opponent awkward turns, often forcing a three/four drop to be played a turn late or even forces the opponent to “brick” a card as he won’t have mana to play the frozen card to be played. when a 5 drop is hit by iceman’s effect it forces him to decide if he can play it on 6, or just play his 6’s drop. going forward i can see more people adopt Iceman on there zoo list for pool1/2. Other decks i recommend limited to are… tier 1, Power zoo, strong guy zoo tier 2, movement, nova+collector+dino, discard, odin(reveal), ongoing what i like about the pool1/pool2 limited is games are often “grounded”, each player have limited expectations in the randomness at play. Often the more skilled player can make more from the use of the limited cards in pools 1/2.

2. Which card/cards would you like to buff or nerf the most?

Please buff Cable to a 2/3- He has a fun effect and since dino is nerfed. he can have some love. Please nerf/rework Ghost Rider- most of the discard effects are often overstatted, him summoning a discarded card as a 3mana 3power with a summon offers zero counterplay just gives so much value.. what if ghost rider can resurrect a destroyed minion instead?? Strong Guy err, i hate that we have little agency at the moment against two drops. rework cyclops and hulk, these heroes are just so iconic, and as we unlock more and more cards, they are outshined by cards that have stronger effects.

3. What new gameplay/mode do you wish to see in MARVEL SNAP?

I like to see a rotating restricted format/seasons and tournament mode in marvel snap, as people get deeper and deeper into pool 3, we can see more and more ways for people to exploit card combos. Having a constructed mode with card restrictions is interesting as a deck builder and often skill testing for tournament play.

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