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Ask the Marvel Snap Devs – June 29, 2022

Marvel Snap developers answer questions from the official Discord community.

On the Marvel Snap Official Discord server, the team over at Second Dinner are actively answering questions from the community.

With the new patch now out, Nexus Events and playing with friends is a little bit away, and we even have some undocumented changes such as Destroyer‘s power increasing from 14 to 16 and a new location called Attilan.

Here are all the answers for June 29, 2022. Check out the new Ask the Dev archives for more!

Will there be a way to change your name?

Stephen: Yes coming in a future update

Do you have a eta for the game in the USA

Ben Brode: Not yet be we are crankin’ as fast as we can!

Are there plans to do a Draft game type (similar to LOR’s now defunct Expeditions)? I think it would be cool to play games in a draft with rewards for winning so many games with said deck for cubes>credits>gold>variant. It would save some of us from the net deck miasma of later cube levels.

Ben Brode: Not yet but it could be cool some day

Hello team πŸ˜ƒ When we can add friend and play with friends??

Ben Brode: playing against friends is still a few patches away but it’s important and we are definitely going to do it!

Are we gonna get a head up as to the gold pricing/frequency of nexus events before they start happening? I wanna know how much I should be hoarding my gold

Ben Brode: We’re working on stuff but they’re not in this next patch so it’s going to be a little bit!

Will there be an option to sign in via iOS when the game launches on Steam or PC?

Ben Brode: still workin’ on PC – too early to answer, sorry!

Is there going to be some indicator of what card was discarded or removed from a deck if you missed the animation? There have been many times I have looked away from my phone and missed the animation and not known what card I lost.

Ben Brode: yes this is something we’d like to add eventually

Would there be a possibility of a location granting plus points “when a card is revived here”

Ben Brode: this feels more like a suggestion than a question πŸ˜‚

What is the current thinking of how to handle characters that have been relegated to variants? (Eg Sam Alexander nova or scarlet spider)

If they get new movies or other prominent media in the future and that boosts their popularity like miles morales, is there a chance they will get their own separate card? How will this affect the already existing variant?

Ben Brode: generally we like to do variants for characters with the exact same hero name. We’ll have to see how things evolve, though

Are there any plans for introducing a game mode similar to HS’s Arena?

Ben Brode: not at this time but we are going to be around a long time… who knows?

What’s the reason for keeping MMR private if you internally have that information?

Ben Brode: in other games we often have to “renormalize” MMR so that new players entering the system are matched approrpriately. This means that MMR may change frequently and suddenly without notice or obvious public reasoning. It’s also often calculated in ways that use other hidden information (other players’ MMR’s, and our confidence in your MMR, for example) that make the calculations non-obvious. If it’s public then there will be a lot of focus on how exactly the numbers change and we don’t think it’ll feel very good.

What’s the funniest or strangest bug you’ve come across while making the game ?

Ben Brode: I played Morph and my opponent only had Morph in their hand. Morph copied Morph who copied Morph who copied Morph….. Some say that game is still resolving to this day

Do you have artists making new art for some cards or do they all come from already made comics/other works?

Ben Brode: All of the base cards and a huge number of the variants are art we created exclusively for Marvel Snap!

What is the expected behavior of leader wrt cards being destroyed by your opponent before he flips? The way its worded I expected to be able to copy their nova deathlok combo but it only copied deathlok, presumably because the nova no longer existed.

Ben Brode: yeah that seems unintuitive – I checked and we have this tracked in our bug database

Does an 8-cube win boost my MMR more than a 1-cube win, or are all wins/losses weighted equally regardless of cubes?

Ben Brode: yes, cubes won or lost have an impact on MMR adjustment
i believe 8 cubes = 8x the MMR impact

There’s a bug where you can’t retreat if you snap and then opponent snaps back. In a hypothetical scenario, when the bug is fixed, when you snap from 1 to 2 and opponent snaps to 4 and you retreat, are you losing 1 or 2 cubes for retreating?

Ben Brode: 2 cubes

Is there a card you created with a cool effect, but for some reason you had to rework the card?

Ben Brode: our engineers are incredible – i can’t think of an example where this happened!

What are the best performing / most underperforming cards in the game right now, according to your data?

Ben Brode: Nova seems very good……

Are there different servers that people play from? Eg as an american can I be facing phillipino players

Ben Brode: yes, there are different matchmaking regions for now. Eventually you’ll be able to match globally.

There are three unique steps to playing a card in Marvel Snap, “Staging a card” > “Revealing a card” > and “Playing a card.”

Effects in the game care about you “Revealing a card” and “Playing a card” but was there ever a point in development that cards cared about being “staged?” For example: “The first card you stage this turn costs 1 less.”

Thanks again for making this incredible game & being so transparent πŸ™Œ keep being awesome!

Ben Brode: Mysterio has a trigger on Stage! There might be another one but I’m not sure. There are definitely unreleased locations that care about stage order like you’re mentioning.

Any plans to add more variants to existing cards?

Stephen: Absolutely! We plan to add new variants every season.

Were you folks able to get the hotfix capability in with this new patch? πŸ™

rada: Sadly not yet πŸ˜₯

hi. did you intend to buff destroyer and just left it out of patch notes by accident?

rada: Buff intended and absence from patch was a mistake πŸ˜…

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