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Ask the Marvel Snap Devs – June 27, 2022

Marvel Snap developers answer questions from the official Discord community.

On the Marvel Snap Official Discord server, the team over at Second Dinner are actively answering questions from the community.

Here are all the answers for June 27, 2022. Today we have answers from both Ben Brode and lead product and strategy for Second Dinner, Stephen. Check out yesterday’s questions and answers too!

What are your goals in terms of balance moving forward? Will current mediocre Cards like Hulk or Korg ever have a chance to be viable? Or are they just stepping stones?

Ben Brode: Korg is actually not bad according to our balance numbers. I’ve been rockin’ him to great effect

Is there any plan of adding spell card in the future ? For example having a spell called “Laser Beam : deal X dmg to target. Requires to have Cyclops in your starting deck”. If a spell is “attached” to a hero we wouldn’t be able to go the uninteractive strategy (control) too much (6 spells max in that case then).

Ben Brode: no current plans but this is a fun sounding idea!

How did a card like Quinjet make it in when every other card is a character? Are there plans to add more non-character cards on the future?

Ben Brode: maaaaaybe

Can we get any juicy deets on how nexus events might work? I’m sitting on a pot of gold over here, itching to use it to get as many new cards as possible

Ben Brode: Nexus event deets coming soon!

Will you be releasing patch notes (like which cards will get nerfed/buffed) before the update?

Ben Brode: There will be patch notes – not sure about timing in relation to the patch

Is there really no other way to obtain Wave but to forcefully buy the Season Pass? I’m finished with the Season Pass but sadly I don’t have a job and money to buy Wave and get all the other exclusive rewards. I sure hope we get the Dream Ticket Feature just like in Duel Links where we can use it to get any card we want.

Ben Brode: She will be entering the Collection Level Road 1 month after the Season Pass ends

Will game game balance be focused mainly on nerfing cards. Or do you also plan to buff some low performing ones? I feel like some cards just little too expensive or too low power to be played in any way.

Ben Brode: there will be buffs

Noticed that Shang chi and a sentinal variant doesn’t have any motion post epic. Is this intended?

Ben Brode: nope, feel free to report them to report-a-bug

I understand the need for variants in the shop to be Common, so as not to mislead people, but it would be nice if we could preview the 3D artwork as well before making a purchase. Is this something you all would consider adding?

Ben Brode: yes we’d love to do that at some point

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Ben Brode: Someone played Cloak on that side?

im not sure if this was asked previously..let’s say you reach infinite rank but drop to a lower rank by the end of the season. Will the system record the highest rank attained or use your current rank as basis of your placement un the next season?

Ben Brode: Current rank but I believe there is a rank floor at Infinite

You said Wave won’t enter the collection path until after the next season. Is this going to be the pattern for all season pass cards or just during the beta/Wave?

Ben Brode: That’s the current plan.

my question disappeared for some reason, anyway, can’t make purchase in game as it says not available in country, any workarounds for this?

Ben Brode: We’ve recently become aware of an issue affecting Google Play users that may be causing this. I’m not sure about what the ETA is for a fix. Sorry! We’re hoping soon!

So how is my friend able to make purchases when he’s in the same area as me and has no difference in setup or app version?

Stephen: This is a Google Store policy they are enforcing more as of recently. We are discussing it with them and we are looking for ways to resolve it.

Do bot games affect your MMR?

Stephen: Yes they do! They affect it differently than players though

Follow up: are the bot decks you face based on MMR or collection level (or some combination thereof)?

Stephen: Bot Decks are based off collection level. Bot difficulty is more complex but has some correlation with mmr and rank

What is the significance of the bot decks who use Avatars that are unreleased?

Stephen: What avatar did you see? They shouldn’t be doing that.

What happens to nerfed cards that I’ve spent a lot of credits upgrading? Will any of those credits be rewarded back?

Stephen: We currently have no plans to compensate for nerfs. Our reasoning is that the upgrades still benefit your account and do not impact your ability to compete

Do you intend to remove bot games over a certain rank once ranked population is higher?

Stephen: We have a lot of goals to keep matchmaking times reasonable. If we can overcome that with just players it would be rad

I understand the matchmaking times especially on lower ranks but it does feel like it cheapens the achievement of getting infinite right now. Especially if you eventually add some sort of top rank leaderboard that actually has prizes.

Stephen: It’s good feedback. We are having a lot of discussions about the post rank 100 experience. More details to come in the future!

Are cubes getting reworked cause I’ll win like 8 cubes in 8 games by people conceding and then Ill lose one close 8 cube game and lose all my progress. I feel like if I snap and my opponent concedes right after I should win more than one cube.

Stephen: No plans to rework it. We think this is a huge part of the skill in the game. When to snap and when to retreat.

Thank you for being so active in the past few weeks and answering our questions even outside of working hours, @Stephen. What do you do on the team? 😄

Stephen: I lead product and strategy for Second Dinner. I designed most of the progression and monetization systems that everyone loves 😅 along with a ton of help from the incredible team we have at Second Dinner. I appreciate all of the feedback and spend a lot of cycles thinking about it and how to incorporate it into the goals we have for the game.

Not a question per se but rather a suggestion to spice up future season passes with either an animation or a mini comic? If those will cost too much in terms of time and finances, then a simple splash page page will suffice. It will be nice for a visual art to go together with each of the chapters ie. we could see art of Wave on a Surfboard for Ch1, Garganto sunbathing for Ch2 or Namor stepping on an urchin for Ch3 etc

Stephen: Want to do this so bad! It was part of the original season pass design. Hope we get to do it in the future!

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