Marvel Snap Collection Tracker and Deck Finder Now Live

Marvel Snap Collection Tracker and Deck Finder Now Live

Hello everyone! We’ve released the our first version of our Collection Tracker Tool and the Deck Finder wizard today, and we hope everybody can check it out! You can record the cards you have in your Marvel Snap collection, find and build decks using only the cards you have! Find the links below or on the main menu:

Marvel Snap Collection Tracker and Deck Finder Now Live
Pool 3 cards I own and waiting to pull…

Once you’re there, simply click on the card to add it to your collection – you can even use it while logged out or logged in! We do encourage having a registered profile so that you don’t lose your progress and share your collection to other people (and other exciting things – to be announced later!). For now, there’s no way of syncing your collection from the game. ☹

The most important thing with this feature is that you can now do three things:

  • Find what decks you can build according to what you have in the vast deck database! No more browsing decks you cannot build. Tick the box “Only decks you own all cards” and press the Search button.
  • Filter only cards in your collection in the deck builder and card database so you don’t have to see cards you don’t have.
  • Share your profile where you can see all your decks and card collection!

Other features that we want to work on eventually down the track:

  • Track card variants and rarity
  • Use in-game logs to sync your collection real-time

Let us know what you think, and if you have any feedback or additional features you’d like to see, please contact us via email or Discord!

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