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Marvel Snap August 2022 Developer Update

Marvel Snap August 2022 Developer Update

Check out the latest Developer Update video from the Marvel Snap team, highlighting what’s to come in August 2022:

It’s a new month and a new season! Join us for HEROES FOR HIRE as we introduce a brand-new card: DAREDEVIL. There’s also a ton of variants, card-backs, avatars, locations and more to come this month. Finally, we’re in the process of localizing MARVEL SNAP with Spanish being the first language!

Feedback is crucial at this stage of development, so be sure to join our official Discord channel or follow us on your preferred social media so you can share your thoughts with us!


Heroes for Hire

The new third beta season of Marvel Snap, Heroes for Hire, has now launched! Ben Brode emphasizes that all rewards from the beta seasons will be available to players upon Marvel Snap’s global launch.

The season’s new card is Daredevil, that can predict what your opponent will play ahead of time. This is great with Guardians of the Galaxy cards (e.g. Rocket Raccoon) and Professor X! Along with Misty Knight and The Punisher, you can grab their new avatars, card backs, and more. Find out the full season details and rewards here:

New Locations

Ben previews some of the new locations that will be released such as Luke's Bar and Hell's Kitchen, each week with the Featured Locations (every Tuesday at 8 PM PST).


Marvel Snap is planned to be localized in 15 languages, and the next one coming up is Spanish in this month.

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