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Heroes for Hire Stats

Heroes for Hire Season Recap, Stats, and Leaderboard Standings

Marvel Snap’s official third beta season in August 2022, Heroes for Hire, concluded on September 5, 2022 with the start of season 4, Sword and Shield. Each season starts on the first Monday of each month unless otherwise specified.

The team at Second Dinner shared with the official Discord community some interesting statistics from the season.

Heroes for Hire Stats

Heroes for Hire Season Recap

Most Popular Heroes for Hire Cards

Heroes for Hire Stats

Shang-Chi has been included in decks 1,147,461 times. Must destroy lots of Hulks, huh?

Highest Win Rate Aamong Heroes for Hire Cards

Heroes for Hire Stats

The Punisher has a win rate of 54.85%. Be careful when you fill a location before your opponent!

Most Passionate Heroes Hired in August

Heroes for Hire Stats
2Mr Classic650
4Lazy Quest520
5The Odinson510
6Agent Carter500
10Layla Tichy436

Highlight Location

Heroes for Hire Stats

Hell's Kitchen witnessed 387,900 Daredevil plays, revealing crucial info to help win the fight.

Ready to Risk it All?

Heroes for Hire Stats

Players from the Philippines SNAP 43% of their matches vs US players who only SNAP 36% of the time!

Heroes for Hire Event Review

Heroes for Hire Stats

Great job SNAPPERs. In the span of 29 days, you’ve confronted and defeated the likes of Typhoid Mary, Kingpin, Abomination, Titania, and Absorbing Man.

On top of that, you’ve dealt 12M damage to protect the city! You all are the real heroes.

There are also some top contributors who will be honored New Hero Squad based on their outstanding contributions.

Top contributors for each phaseTop contributors during whole event
Layla TichyComoney
ComoneyLady Quest
The OdinsonAgent Carter
The Odinson
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