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Deck Database Sorting Option Now Available (Plus Other Updates)

An update has been made on our deck database for one of the most highly requested features, sorting the decks! Click on the columns you’d like to sort, and you’re golden! As our database grows and currently relying on the community, we will be adding more filters and integrations to it so you can find the best builds possible as we work on our deck tracker and stats (coming soon).

The next point we’d like to make is that a lot of people will be sorting decks by the number of Likes a deck has – so make sure to contribute by clicking on the heart icon to Like a deck! You can also see all the decks you liked on your public profile on the “Liked Decks” tab so you don’t have to make the deck yourself.

We’ve got more things on the horizon soon (hype), but in the meantime if you have any feedback please head over to our Discord or contact us!

As always, thanks for everybody’s support as we strive to improve every day!

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