Can’t Stop Snapping! – A Marvel Snap Podcast – Episode 33: Patch Notes Breakdown with Lootmuncher!

Can't Stop Snapping is joined this week by TLSG Snap to talk a variety of subjects, from locations and cards, to the MCU!

Can’t Stop Snapping is a Marvel Snap Podcast, dedicated to exploring the cards, art, creators and metagame of Marvel Snap – the newest online CCG/TCG! Learn more about this multiverse-based card battler brought to you by Second Dinner!

We are joined once again by our reigning patch notes expert, Lootmuncher, to break down the latest patch! As you will hear us say in the discussion, we did not see this one coming so soon! Make sure to let us know your thoughts on Twitter @cant_stop_snap, and don’t forget to check out Loot as he hosts Cube Rush every Wednesday evening on Twitch!

Make sure to let us know your thoughts about the patch on Twitter @cant_stop_snap, and in the official Marvel Snap Zone Discord.


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