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Marvel Snap Tracker and Database Updates: Leaderboard, Rank Chart, Match Filters, Deck Stats, and More

In the latest update to the Marvel Snap Tracker and MarvelSnap.pro database, we introduce the Leaderboard, rank progression chart, match filters, deck stats, and much more!

Ever since the first beta release of our Marvel Snap Tracker on December 1, we’ve been making improvements everyday thanks to everyone trying it out, supporting, and giving us feedback. We would like to regularly share what’s new, what’s coming soon, and what’s in development in our latest release, as well as updates to the MarvelSnap.pro database which is responsible to sync our own card, variant, and location database!

Our number one goal is to make this app the best Marvel Snap companion for the community! For more detailed information about the Marvel Snap Tracker, check out our guide and download link below:



Download the Marvel Snap Tracker

The Marvel Snap Tracker by Prometa is your best free companion app for Marvel Snap! Its features include:

  • Real time collection and deck tracker
  • Monitor your win rate and find best Cube-earners among your decks
  • Observe your ladder climb and ranking progress
  • Track your matches, each with replays, and inventory
  • Find decks using your current collection
  • Get daily summaries of your in-game accomplishments


The first iteration of the unofficial Marvel Snap Leaderboard is now live (the Marvel Snap Zone version coming soon)! The Rank and Games Played stat is directly from the game and the rest are stats from the tracker. Currently, you can see the player’s most used deck and soon you’ll be able to access their public profile (unless they opt out). See who’s climbing with what deck!

Card Collection and Rank Progression

You can now check your ladder rank progression on the Progress page to get an overview of your profile! You can also check the entirely of your card and variant collection on your personal collection page, and when you collected and upgraded the cards on their individual pages, like below:

Soon we’ll be implementing the integration with our popular Marvel Snap Zone’s Collection tool, so you can switch back and fourth seamlessly – keep an eye out for that! Our goal is to make sure all Marvel Snap Tracker data can also be accessed here on Marvel Snap Zone as well. 😊

Match Stats and Filters

You can now see more details in your match records, in addition the the Replay feature! You will be able to track your stats calculated for each deck you play and your overall stats. This includes win rates, time spent in game, date, Cubes won or lost, Locations, and more.

With that, you can now also filter all your matches by date, location, deck, Cubes, and your opponent name should you wish to go back and share them to the community or study what happened!

My Active Decks and Archives

You can see your active decks and their stats, as mentioned above. Once you delete that deck in-game, the tracker will automatically move it to your archives!

Other Improvements

  • Profiles settings page, now allowing you to delete your profile. Players will soon be able to opt out of their profiles being public.
  • Further improvements to the card database (and synced with Marvel Snap Zone), such as adding summons generated by the card, as well as picking up some errors to individual cards
  • Interface fixes, including better rendering of pages for mobile devices.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Coming Soon

Next in line, we have the ever important meta stats data coming very soon – most likely tomorrow in line with the tier list update! Also soon to come are public stats and profiles for decks, and Collection level progress chart that tracker users can see what they unlocked at what level.

Our priority is also to integrate all features of the Marvel Snap Tracker to Marvel Snap Zone, such as the Collection tool, more card details, Leaderboard, and meta stats that are coming soon. We’ll keep everybody in the loop as we go!

As always, please leave all bug reports and feedback on our Discord, and we’d love to see our users share their usage of the tracker on Twitter as well! Tag us on @MarvelSnapZone and we’d love to see it in action. Thanks for reading, remember to download the tracker, and see you soon!

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