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A Bit Of A Scientist

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A Bit Of A Scientist
As Performed By Dazzler
Couple Cubes Short Of A Rank
Don't Worry I Don't Bite
Embarrassment To My Family
Flammable, Stay Back
Gooey Yet Firm
Got a Bad Feeling About This
Have I Defeated You Before?
Honey, I Shrunk The Heroes
I Am On The Toilet
I Don't Have A Title I Like Yet
I Will Spare Your Puny Planet
If You Snap I Slap
Insatiable Hunger (For Tacos)
Korg Fan Club
Lumberjack Extraordinaire
Most Juicy
My Other Ride Is An Ant
Of The Year
Or is it?
Part-Time Avenger
Playing Agatha
Rhymes With Orange
Survived Thanos
Technically Not Tarzan
That's No Moon!
The Apocalypse Sucks
The Silver Couch Surfer
Why Yes, That Is A Loincloth
Zabu, No, Bad Kitty

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