Early Access

The weekly Marvel Snap Meta Tier List and article is currently in Early Access mode, only accessible to Premium members for 24 hours before being released to everyone. Get an early start on your competition!

  • Every week on a Monday (around 12:00 AM Pacific Time), we will be releasing our weekly Meta Tier List for Premium members 24 hours earlier. After that time, it will be available for everybody at the usual schedule (around Tuesday 12:00 AM Pacific Time).
  • During this 24 hour period, we want to give the opportunity for our Premium members to discuss the list in our Discord, ask questions, and offer any feedback. We may then further review it before its public release on the following day.
  • Dates on the release dates of the Tier List is subject to change depending on Marvel Snap patches, balance updates, and other events that may significantly shake up the metagame.
  • Keep in mind we need to collect sufficient data before making informed decisions. You can also check our meta stats section for the latest data.
  • You can see all previous week’s editions of the Tier Lists and articles here.