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One Child Left Behind v2 (Infinite Rank >100) (Only Pool 2 Required)

One Child Left Behind v2 (Infinite Rank >100) (Only Pool 2 Required)
Created by Nicklebee
, updated 2 months ago
1x Collection Level 1-14
7x Collection Level 18-214 (Pool 1)
3x Collection Level 222-474 (Pool 2)
1x Recruit Season

(AKA War and Slaughter)

V2 Notes

Iron Man, The Punisher

+ Cosmo, Hobgoblin

As I have progressed through Pool 3, I’ve realized how important having some control is to be consistent in the current meta. As a result, I’m dropping a couple of the “big number” cards for new options to control positions. See the “Cards” section below for more information.  


The general idea here is to abandon one location entirely and blow out the opponent at the other two. One location is often undesirable anyway, so this deck uses energy very efficiently. However, the greatest strength of this deck is flexibility, and you shouldn’t over commit to any strategies or locations.

This deck is great for rank climbing as it usually wins with big, swingy turn 5s and 6s, letting you snap and trick your opponent into taking it or even snapping themselves. You’ll also know pretty early on generally whether your set up is coming together.


  1. Ant Man – One of the few ongoing 1 cost cards, making him a very useful combo with Onslaught or Spectrum
  2. Armor – Crucial to protect your Ant-Man or Warpath but can also disrupt destroy decks, and she’s ongoing
  3. Lizard – A big body that will encourage your opponent to overcommit to a location, and, of course, ongoing!
  4. Captain America – You’re almost always going to be playing 4 cards on at least one location, so the Cap gives great bang for the buck
  5. CosmoCosmo makes for excellent counterplay depending on who you’re playing, but otherwise, he’s a decent body with ongoing
  6. Jubilee – Pulling Warpath, Hobgoblin, Klaw, or Onslaught is often a GG; either way, half the cards in this deck are great to get
  7. Warpath – The first big piece of the deck. 9 power for 4 is a lot, especially when paired with Iron Man / Onslaught / Spectrum
  8. Hobgoblin – Taking away a slot from an opponent is very powerful. Additionally, he can win a location while leaving it open — Warpath, anyone?
  9. Klaw – The second big piece of the deck. The ability to win a location without even having a card there is invaluable here
  10. Spectrum – Swingy final turn play to snatch a location or two from out under your opponent
  11. America Chazev – Obviously, she guarantees a decent turn 6 while making it more likely you get your important cards early. She also doubles as a way to increase the likelihood of a good Jubilee pull
  12. Onslaught – Pair him with Ant Man and Captain America, Warpath, or the Klaw, and you’re pretty much guaranteeing a location

General Strategy

In general, if your opponent quickly puts cards down on one location, that’s the location we’re going to avoid. However, be flexible here. For example: if the cards are low power and they waste space on the location, it might actually be better to challenge, especially with Cosmo to counter a reveal or Lizard to bait the location. In general, I’d say the early cards you’re going to want to just avoid enitrely are things like Angela, The Collector, or Bishop. However, cards played for their reveal like Iceman, Agent 13, Cable, Okoye, etc., are great to challenge!

LizardWarpath, and Jubilee allow you to establish a midgame presence and threaten the opponent on a single main location. These cards will need to be challenged quickly or the opponent will be forced to abandon the location. Captain America and Lizard alone or paired on Ant-Man make for effective mid-game responses to encourage your opponent to contest a location.

If the opponent doesn’t challenge your midgame position, then you can easily win a final spot with Klaw / Warpath paired with Onslaught; alternatively, you can just flood a location with Ant Man, Captain America, and friends.

If the opponent does challenge your position, then look to Klaw and Onslaught to still take a second location while powering up the first or just drop another ongoing card and go for the surprise with Spectrum.

Specifically on turn 5, as an alternative to Klaw, look for Hobgoblin to knock out a location while leaving your Warpath fired up or to take the lead in a location the opponent has committed to, blocking off a slot. Be careful not to drop him in a place that is likely to fill up.

On turn 6, look for opportunities to take your opponent by surprise with Spectrum or Onslaught. Especially look for an opportunity where dropping them puts you into the lead at all 3 locations — your opponent will be forced to try to win 3 locations all on turn 6. However — don’t dismiss the usefulness of America Chavez. If you’re already in a winning position, she can be a great way to finish off the game without being vulnerable to Cosmo.

Of course, again, this deck is all about being flexible with your plays. React to your opponent, make use of the locations in front of you, and always look for the big swing play.

More Aggro Version

Cosmo, Hobgoblin

+ Punisher, Iron Man

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