• Date: Bundle start and end dates are at the daily reset time, which is 3 AM GMT.
    • Bundles are grouped according to their monthly season.
    • Future Bundles are datamined and may be changed upon their official announcement or release.
  • Cost: Cost for $ is in US Dollars and will be converted to your local currency in-game.
    • You may be able to purchase cash items and Gold cheaper using the official publisher Nuverse web shop with a different currency.
  • Credits: The maximum Credit storage limit is 10,000. With a Bundle purchase, you can go over the limit but will not be able to collect anymore from other sources.
  • Collector’s Tokens: Players must be at least Collection Level 500 before being able to see Bundles that offer Collector’s Tokens offered in the Shop.
  • Mystery Variant: The reward is chosen randomly from a Base Card you already own, from the released 700 Gold Rare variant pool.
  • Variants: You can use any new bundle-specific variants acquired even if you don’t yet own the Base Card.
    • Bundle-specific variants are exclusive and are likely will not be offered through other sources, unless it is from a Season Pass from the Beta.
  • Value: Compare Bundle values using our comparison chart guide.

August 2023

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
Artist Showcase: Rian GonzalesAug 1Aug 82,500 Gold3,500 Credits• 155 Rescue
• 155 Scarlet Witch
• Variant: Rescue Rian Gonzales
• Avatar: Rescue Rian Gonzales
• Variant: Scarlet Witch Rian Gonzales
• Avatar: Scarlet Witch Rian Gonzales
Pro Bundle Mk. IIAug 6Aug 11$99.995,00011,000155 Boosters for 5 Cards (775 Boosters)• Card Back: Stegron Kaiju
• Variant: Stegron Kaiju
• Avatar: Stegron Kaiju
• Title: 100% Beef
Stegronosaurus WrecksAug 8Aug 147,500 Gold5,000310 Stegron• Card Back: Stegron Kaiju
• Variant: Stegron Kaiju
• Avatar: Stegron Kaiju
• Title: I Am Having Fun
The Doctor is TinAug 9Aug 17$4.991,000500500465 Morbius• Variant: Morbius Mech
• Avatar: Morbius Mech
Death Becomes HerAug 14Aug 31$74.994,0002,0002,500620 Death• Card Back: Death Mech
• Variant: Death Mech
• Avatar: Death Mech
• Title: At Some Boring Funeral
My Hero ArachniaAug 17Aug 203,200 Gold4,000• 310 Spider-Man
• 310 Black Widow
• Variant: Spider-Man Anime
• Avatar: Spider-Man Anime
• Variant: Black Widow Anime
• Avatar: Black Widow Anime
Full ChargeAug 20Aug 28$19.991,000500500465 Juggernaut• Variant: Juggernaut Mech
• Avatar: Juggernaut Mech
One-Punch WomenAug 22Aug 255,600 Gold7,500• 155 Storm
• 155 Captain Marvel
• Variant: Storm Anime
• Avatar: Storm Anime
• Variant: Captain Marvel Anime
• Avatar: Captain Marvel Anime
Heroes for HireAug 27Aug 30$9.99• 155 Daredevil
• 155 Punisher
• 155 Misty Knight
• Card Back: Daredevil
• Card Back: Punisher
• Variant: Daredevil Marco Checchetto
• Avatar: Daredevil Marco Checchetto
• Variant: Punisher Christopher Stevens
• Avatar: Punisher Christopher Stevens
• Variant: Misty Knight Captain
• Avatar: Misty Knight Captain
• Title: I Survived Nexus Events
Hail HydraulicsAug 28Sep 8$24.993,0001,000465 Red Skull• Variant: Red Skull Eduardo Mello
• Avatar: Red Skull Eduardo Mello
2 Cute 2 FuriousAug 30Sep 22,000 Gold2,500• 310 Jane Foster Mighty Thor
• 310 Iron Man
• Variant: Jane Foster Mighty Thor Chibi
• Avatar: Jane Foster Mighty Thor Chibi
• Variant: Iron Man Chibi
• Avatar: Iron Man Chibi

Token Tuesday

Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)Collector’s TokensBoostersToken/Gold Ratio
Aug 1Aug 2850800650.94
Aug 8Aug 91,4001,0001050.71
Aug 15Aug 161,4001,0001050.71
Aug 22Aug 231,4001,0001050.71
Aug 29Aug 301,4001,0001050.71

Booster Pack

Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)CreditsBoosters
Aug 5Aug 630025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Aug 12Aug 1330025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Aug 19Aug 2030025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Aug 26Aug 2730025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Sep 2Sep 330025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)

Mystery Pack

Start DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldCosmetics
Aug 3Aug 4$9.99500150200Mystery Variant
Aug 11Aug 12$4.99750Mystery Variant
Aug 18Aug 20$19.991,000750200Mystery Variant
Aug 25Aug 27$4.99750Mystery Variant
Sep 2Sep 4$4.99750Mystery Variant

July 2023

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
PatriotsJul 3Jul 10$19.991,700600• 155 Patriot
• 155 Cyclops
• 155 Misty Knight
• Variant: Patriot July 4th
• Avatar: Patriot July 4th
• Variant: Cyclops July 4th
• Avatar: Cyclops July 4th
• Variant: Misty Knight July 4th
• Avatar: Misty Knight July 4th
Power To Move YouJul 6Jul 13$14.995001,500• 155 Falcon
• 155 Iron Fist
• Variant: Falcon Phoenix Force
• Avatar: Falcon Phoenix Force
• Variant: Iron Fist Phoenix Force
• Avatar: Iron Fist Phoenix Force
• Title: The Weather Here Sucks
Don’t Touch the Ocean!Jul 7Aug 8$9.996001,000465 Namor• Variant: Namor Phoenix Five
• Avatar: Namor Phoenix Five
• Title: Thiccture Perfect
Cosmic WildfireJul 13Jul 217,500 Gold6,0002,000310 Black Panther• Variant: Black Panther Phoenix Force
• Avatar: Black Panther Phoenix Force
• Title: My Abs Have An On-Reveal Effect
Love & Thunder
Jul 21Jul 25$9.99• 155 Thor
• 155 Lady Sif
• 155 Heimdall
• Card Back: Asgard
• Card Back: Mjolnir
• Variant: Thor Olivier Coipel
• Avatar: Thor Olivier Coipel
• Variant: Lady Sif Daniel Acuña
• Avatar: Lady Sif Daniel Acuña
• Variant: Heimdall Eric Guerrero
• Avatar: Heimdall Eric Guerrero
• Title: I Survived Nexus Events
Ring of FireJul 25Aug 13,500 Gold1,0003,500465 Shang-Chi• Variant: Shang-Chi Phoenix Force
• Avatar: Shang-Chi Phoenix Force
• Title: Groot’s Chiropractor

Token Tuesday

Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)Collector’s TokensBoostersToken/Gold Ratio
Jul 4Jul 51,4001,0001050.71
Jul 11Jul 121,4001,0001050.71
Jul 18Jul 191,4001,0001050.71
Jul 25Jul 261,4001,0001050.71

Booster Pack

Start DateEnd DateCost (Gold)CreditsBoosters
Jul 8Jul 930025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Jul 15Jul 1630025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Jul 22Jul 2330025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)
Jul 29Jul 3030025065 Boosters for 5 Cards (325 Boosters)

Mystery Pack

Start DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldCosmetics
Jul 9Jul 11$4.99700Mystery Variant
Jul 16Jul 18$9.99500200150Mystery Variant
Jul 19Jul 22$19.991,000550200Mystery Variant
Jul 27Jul 29$4.99700Mystery Variant
Jul 30Aug 1$19.991,000550200Mystery Variant

June 2023

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
Marvel’s Voices: PrideJun 1Jun 9$4.99• 155 America Chavez
• 155 Iceman
• Variant: America Chavez 07
• Avatar: America Chavez 07
• Variant: Iceman 07
• Avatar: Iceman 07
Booster Pack 1Jun 3Jun 4300 Gold25065 for 5 cards
Ooga Chaka Ooga OogaJun 4Jun 62,000 Gold5001,500Mystery Variant
Token Tuesday 1Jun 6Jun 7650 Gold60035
Itsy Bitsy SpiderJun 7Jun 132,500 Gold3,000155 Miles Morales• Variant: Miles Morales Baby
• Avatar: Miles Morales Baby
• Title: I Kid, Arachnid
• Card Back: Miles Morales
Hard EightJun 9Jun 15$19.995001,0001,500• 155 Doctor Octopus
• 155 Black Cat
• Variant: Doctor Octopus Noir
• Avatar: Doctor Octopus Noir
• Variant: Black Cat Noir
• Avatar: Black Cat Noir
Booster Pack 2Jun 10Jun 11300 Gold25065 for 5 cards
Mech-urt ConnorsJun 13Jun 204,500 Gold5,500465 Lizard• Variant: Lizard Mech
• Avatar: Lizard Mech
Token Tuesday 2Jun 13Jun 14450 Gold40015
Bring the PainJun 15Jun 22$29.994,000• 155 Scorpion
• 155 Hobgoblin
• Variant: Scorpion 3099
• Avatar: Scorpion 3099
• Variant: Hobgoblin 3099
• Avatar: Hobgoblin 3099
Not Quite A BirdJun 16Jun 21$29.991,000310 Darkhawk• Variant: Darkhawk Iban Coello
• Avatar: Darkhawk Iban Coello
Booster Pack 3Jun 17Jun 18300 Gold25065 for 5 cards
I Don’t Like SandmanJun 20Jun 273,000 Gold2,0001,000155 Sandman• Variant: Sandman Sand Bae
• Avatar: Sandman Sand Bae
• Title: Kind Of A Jerk
Token Tuesday 3Jun 20Jun 211400 Gold1,000105
Festival of FlightJun 21Jun 27$4.99500500155 Aero• Variant: Aero Coax
• Avatar: Aero Coax
Artist Showcase: Fiona HsiehJun 22Jun 29$19.992,000• 155 Venom
• 155 Carnage
• Variant: Venom Fiona Hsieh
• Avatar: Venom Fiona Hsieh
• Variant: Carnage Fiona Hsieh
• Avatar: Carnage Fiona Hsieh
Booster Pack 4Jun 24Jun 25300 Gold25065 for 5 cards
SpandexcellentJun 27Jul 46,000 Gold3,5001,000310 Spider-Man• Variant: Spider-Man 05
• Avatar: Spider-Man 05
• Title: Most Spandexcellent
Token Tuesday 4Jun 27Jun 281400 Gold1,000105
Atlantis Beach Club RewindJun 29Jul 3$9.99• 155 Wave
• 155 Namor
• 155 Cosmo
• Variant: Wave 02
• Avatar: Wave 02
• Variant: Namor 02
• Avatar: Namor 02
• Variant: Cosmo Summer Vacartion
• Avatar: Cosmo Summer Vacartion
• Card Back: Atlantis
• Card Back: Trident of Namor

Card Backs


May 2023

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
Token Tuesday 1May 2May 3450 Gold40015
Beautiful Beyond CompareMay 3May 21$99.9910,000500500310 The Collector• Variant: The Collector Flaviano
• Avatar: The Collector Flaviano
I Am GrootMay 5May 172,900 Gold4,000465 Groot• Variant: Groot Dan Hipp
• Avatar: Groot Dan Hipp
Title: I Am Groot
Booster Pack 1May 6May 7300 Gold25065 for 5 cards
Token Tuesday 2May 9May 10850 Gold80065
A Spoonful Of SugarMay 10May 13$9.99500500Mystery Variant
Booster Pack 2May 13May 14300 Gold25065 for 5 cards
Token Tuesday 3May 16May 17650 Gold60035
Chibis of the GalaxyMay 17May 255,900 Gold6,500• 310 Star-Lord
• 310 Gamora
• 310 Drax
• Variant: Star-Lord Chibi
• Avatar: Star-Lord Chibi
• Variant: Gamora Chibi
• Avatar: Gamora Chibi
• Variant: Drax Chibi
• Avatar: Drax Chibi
• Title: … Who?
Booster Pack 3May 20May 21300 Gold25065 for 5 cards
Artist Showcase: Ivan TaoMay 21Jun 65,0003,000• 155 Thor
• 155 Lady Sif
• Variant: Thor Venomized
• Avatar: Thor Venomized
• Variant: Lady Sif Venomized
• Avatar: Lady Sif Venomized
Token Tuesday 4May 23May 24450 Gold40015
Trash PandaMay 25Jun 6$29.991,0003,000310 Rocket Raccoon• Variant: Rocket Raccoon Chibi
• Avatar: Rocket Raccoon Chibi
• Title: Don’t Call Me a Raccoon
Get a Leg UpMay 25May 272,000 Gold1,000500Mystery Variant
Booster Pack 4May 27May 28300 Gold25065 for 5 cards
Token Tuesday 5May 30May 31850 Gold80065


April 2023

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
A Hand Full of RocksApr 1Apr 2400 Gold• Avatar: Rock
• Title: I Got a Rock
Weekend Bundle 2Apr 1Apr 3$19.991000100300Mystery Variant
Daily Bundle FinaleApr 3Apr 5$9.991250
Token Tuesday 1Apr 4Apr 5650 Gold60035
Throg, Frog of ThunderApr 5Apr 257,000 Gold3,0007,000155 Thor• Variant: Thor Throg
• Avatar: Thor Throg
• Title: Cold Blooded
Aww-vengersApr 8Apr 14$4.99• 35 Mister Fantastic
• 35 Ant Man
• 35 Captain America
• Variant: Mister Fantastic Mooster Fantastic
• Avatar: Mister Fantastic Mooster Fantastic
• Variant: Ant Man Ant-Ant
• Avatar: Ant Man Ant-Ant
• Variant: Captain America Captain Americat
• Avatar: Captain America Captain Americat
Token Tuesday 2Apr 11Apr 12450 Gold40015
Artist Showcase: Dan HippApr 14Apr 212,900 Gold2,000• 155 Devil Dinosaur
• 155 Moon Girl
• Variant: Devil Dinosaur Dan Hipp
• Avatar: Devil Dinosaur Dan Hipp
• Variant: Moon Girl Dan Hipp
• Avatar: Moon Girl Dan Hipp
Token Tuesday 3Apr 18Apr 19850 Gold80065
Earth-616 DayApr 21Apr 28$9.99600600• 35 Hela
• 35 Groot
• Variant: Hela Gardening
• Avatar: Hela Gardening
• Variant: Groot Baby
• Avatar: Groot Baby
Token Tuesday 4Apr 25Apr 26650 Gold60035
The TokensApr 25May 25,000 Gold4,500155 Squirrel Girl• Variant: Squirrel Girl Rian Gonzales
• Avatar: Squirrel Girl Rian Gonzales
Booster Pack 1Apr 29Apr 30300 Gold25065 for 5 cards
Team Cat BundleApr 30May 2700 Gold1,250105Title: Cats Rule
Team Dog BundleApr 30May 2700 Gold1,250105Title: Dogs Rule


March 2023

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
More MagicMar 1Mar 4900 Gold70030065Mystery Variant
Momoko MagicMar 1Mar 9$19.9915001500155 Mystique• Variant: Mystique Peach Momoko
• Avatar: Mystique Peach Momoko
Token Tuesday 2Mar 7Mar 8850 Gold80065
Rivalry WeekMar 9Mar 164,000 Gold15002000• 155 Mister Sinister
• 155 Bishop
• Variant: Mister Sinister Volmi
• Avatar: Mister Sinister Volmi
• Variant: Bishop Volmi
• Avatar: Bishop Volmi
Token Tuesday 3Mar 14Mar 15650 Gold60035
Special OfferMar 16Mar 20700 Gold60020065Mystery Variant
Mutant MasterpieceMar 16Mar 253,000 Gold1500• 155 Sentinel
• 155 Forge
• 155 Angel
• Variant: Sentinel Jim Lee
• Avatar: Sentinel Jim Lee
• Variant: Forge Jim Lee
• Avatar: Forge Jim Lee
• Variant: Angel Jim Lee
• Avatar: Angel Jim Lee
Token Tuesday 4Mar 21Mar 22450 Gold40015
Weekend Bundle 1Mar 25Mar 27$19.991000200200
Daily Bundle 1Mar 27Mar 28$4.99625
Token Tuesday 5Mar 28Mar 29850 Gold80065
Daily Bundle 2Mar 28Mar 29$9.99400150150
Daily Bundle 3Mar 29Mar 30$4.9962565
Daily Bundle 4Mar 30Mar 31$9.99400100100Mystery Variant
Daily Bundle 5Mar 31Apr 1$4.99500Mystery Variant

February 2023

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
Positively ChargedFeb 7Feb 288,000 Gold3,0006,000155 Mister Negative• Variant: Mister Neegative Luca Claretti
• Avatar: Mister Neegative Luca Claretti
• Title: Be My Valentine
Steamy Hell’s KitchenFeb 13Feb 202,000 Gold• Variant: Daredevil Watercolor
• Avatar: Daredevil Watercolor
• Variant: Elektra R1c0
• Avatar: Elektra R1c0
• Title: Are You… My Soulmate?
Westview StoryFeb 13Feb 202,000 Gold• Variant: Scarlet Witch Artgerm
• Avatar: Scarlet Witch Artgerm
• Variant: Vision Vision Returns
• Avatar: Vision Vision Returns
• Title: I Love You
BirthpoolFeb 22Mar 33,200 Gold1,5003,200291 Deadpool• Variant: Deadpool Skottie Young
• Avatar: Deadpool Skottie Young
• Title: Merc With a Mouth
Token Tuesday 1Feb 28Mar 1450 Gold40015

January 2023

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
Primal MasterpieceJan 10Jan 163,000 Gold1,500• 155 White Tiger
• 155 Sabretooth
• 155 Kraven
• Variant: White Tiger Savage Land
• Avatar: White Tiger Savage Land
• Variant: Sabretooth Savage Land
• Avatar: Sabretooth Savage Land
• Variant: Kraven Savage Land
• Avatar: Kraven Savage Land
Dino SizedJan 16Jan 234,000 Gold5,000310 Devil Dinosaur• Variant: Devil Dinosaur Savage Land
• Avatar: Devil Dinosaur Savage Land
• Title: Please Do Not Step on Me
Festival FireworksJan 22Feb 5$4.9950050066 Jubilee• Variant: Jubilee Lunar New Year
• Avatar: Jubilee Lunar New Year

December 2023

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
Hearts WildDec 8Dec 17$29.991,500• Variant: Rogue 90s
• Avatar: Rogue 90s
• Variant: Gambit 90s
• Avatar: Gambit 90s
Shielded HeartDec 17Dec 245,000 Gold3,000• Variant: Invisible Woman Hero
• Avatar: Invisible Woman Hero
• Variant: Mister Fantastic Hero
• Avatar: Mister Fantastic Hero
• Variant: Doctor Doom Hero
• Avatar: Doctor Doom Hero
Winter WonderlandDec 20Jan 26,000 Gold2,0008,000100 Sunspot• Variant: Sunspot Winter Vacation
• Avatar: Sunspot Winter Vacation
• Title: Tacos After This?
Line In the SandDec 24Dec 31$19.99500• Variant: Spider-Man Chibi
• Avatar: Spider-Man Chibi
• Variant: Sandman Chibi
• Avatar: Sandman Chibi
Starlit ConnectionDec 31Jan 7$49.994,000• Variant: Angela Anime
• Avatar: Angela Anime
• Variant: Sera Anime
• Avatar: Sera Anime

November 2023

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
Cyber HolidayNov 29Dec 217,500 Gold3,0009,500155 Apocalypse• Variant: Apocalypse Kim Jacinto
• Avatar: Apocalypse Kim Jacinto

Newbie Day Bundles

Below Bundles are the first series of “Newbie Day” Bundles that are available for new accounts only. More information can be found here.

Sneak Peek!$9.991,50065 Thor• Base Card: Thor
• Variant: Thor Baby
• Avatar: Thor Baby
• Variant: Thor Peach Momoko
• Avatar: Thor Peach Momoko
Wakanda Combo!$29.992,0001,500• 105 Black Panther
• 105 Nakia
• Variant: Black Panther 03
• Avatar: Black Panther 03
• Variant: Nakia 3099
• Avatar: Nakia 3099
Try a New Deck!$19.991,2501,000155 Patriot• Variant: Patriot Chibi
• Avatar: Patriot Chibi
Beef Up Your Team!700 Gold750105 Maria Hill• Variant: Maria Hill Casual
• Avatar: Maria Hill Casual
Higher, Further, Faster!$19.991,2501,000205 Captain Marvel• Variant: Captain Marvel Artgerm
• Avatar: Captain Marvel Artgerm
Slam Dunk$9.99500500155 Miles Morales• Variant: Miles Morales Sports
• Avatar: Miles Morales Sports
Into the Venomverse7,500 Gold10,000• 310 Venom
• 310 Deadpool
• Variant: Venom 04
• Avatar: Venom 04
• Variant: Deadpool Venomized
• Avatar: Deadpool Venomized


Permanent Bundles

Below Bundles are only available as a one-time purchase.

BundleStart DateEnd DateCostCollector’s TokensCreditsGoldBoostersCosmetics
Welcome BundleOct 4$2.9970065 Captain AmericaCaptain America Variant
Captain America Avatar
Pro BundleJan 10$99.9912,500155 for 8 Cards